Lucky was found on Lagoa de Albufeira, near to Sesimbra, in this condition... There is no word for this...
Some people were having a pic-nic and te cat approached them. When he started to scratched himself they noticed this huge thing on his belly.
Bianca has already taken the responsibility over the cat, he is at the vet now and will be operated tomorrow.
The kitten is sweet, seems grateful for what we are doing for him. He is very nice and pretty, white with blue eyes. After the operation he will need a home.
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scorpio disse...

O, he is so beautiful, he looks exactly like our Amaro {amarelinho}. And he seems to be just as sweet too. We hope he will be adopted very soon in Portugal, if not, we will.............
We will transfer a donation for his medical costs. Please all of you donate some money too
with love Alice & Rianne
[max, marly, diesel. Beertje & Amaro]