Danish volounteers at Bianca

In the beginning of August we (four Danish veterinary students: Trine, Rikke, Christina and Karina) went to Bianca for 2 weeks and during our stay we had many amazing experiences for which we will be forever grateful.
Our days at the shelter usually started with walking the dogs and trying to teach them good leash manners and some simple commands. After lunch we spend the afternoons socializing the dogs and doing some grooming such as brushing, trimming of nails and cleaning ears. From the time we came until we left we could really feel how some of the shy dogs opened up to us and started to trust us.
During our stay we also went with the other voulenteers to adoption fairs at different locations in Sesimbra. At these adoption fairs people who are interested in adopting or fostering an animal can get more information or give a donation either in the form of money or food.
We could write on and on about all the dogs and each of their wonderful personalities and also about the dedicated staff and volounteers at the shelter who put their hearts and souls into helping the animals but instead we are going to stop here and just give the advise to anyone considering going to Bianca: DO IT. You won’t regret it!!

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