Nino e Lusa need help

Nino and Lusa will need to take weekly 4 boxes of medicine called Interceptor 23 mg, for 16 weeks, each one of them. Each box costs around 25 euros and it is a veterinary use medication.
Both Nino and Lusa have demodexic "sarna", a skin parasite. They already made an Ivomec treatment about a year ago and now the symptoms came back ! This medicine is ideal for them: it is a new treatment that can be much more effective from the traditional treatment we do with Ivomec. Plus they need Advocate drops every month.
We need your help for this treatment. If everyone gives us one box of Interceptor, it will be easier to cure these two animals who were abandoned probably because of the skin problem they had. Two lovely animals need your help.
Please, help us to help them.
Thank you!

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