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some news! How nice it would be if we had nothing to tell ... but we always have a lot, no rest here.
September was really a bad month, comparing to July and August. Holidays? No, it wasn't holidays fault... This happens because animals don't talk, don't accuse anyone, don't point fingers, don't complain. If they did, none of this would be happening to them!

Diva was found some days ago on Quinta do Conde. Another phone call like hundreds we receive daily: there is an abandoned dog... We went to see what could be done, because our shelther is far too crowed and we cannot take any more dogs. When Bianca's volunteers arrived to the place the first thing they noticed was the smell.... The dog was immediately taken to the vet, she had 7 dead babies inside of her, and she wouldn't not have lived much longer.... Now she is fine, she is a girl of barely one year old, and she is safely in our shelter awaiting a new home. A beautiful serra de estrela cross.

Clarisse was abandoned at the gate to Bianca shelter, pregnant! She was immediatly sterilized and also adopted! Good luck for her.

Flokita was also abandoned on Bianca, pregnant!! We guess it's a fashion now! She was sterilized and adopted too. Lucky! Her new family gives us always news about Flokita.

Tommy - a 5 month old puppy - was found on side of the road, wrapped in a blanket, super skinny and shivering... He had parvovirose and was immediately taken to the vet. He was obviously abandoned to die. Fortunately everything went well and this sweet dog is safe and sound - now he only needs a new family.

One Saturday, after a usual busy day in Bianca's shelther, we were going home when we saw one animal walking along the road and looking very tired. We stopped the car, she entered immediately and lied down. We called her Mirbessa. The night was falling, we could not see her well but the next day we noticed - she was burnt on her sides, we have no idea how it happened... Moreoverm the vet says she has have lupus (immunity problems), we are still waiting for the blood results, but if she has it, it is treatable.

Charly was found in Lagoa de Albufeira, he seemed in good shape but the next day we noticed that he was peeing blood. He has a stone in his bladder he will be operated soon as possible. He is a very sweet dog, gentle, small but a little incompatible with other males.

Boneca was found by someone in Zambujal and brought to the shelter. She had her hip broken, and it's not a recent fracture, and also was one month pregnant. She was sterilized, not only to avoid more unnecessary births but also because she couldn't give birth with her broken hips. She needs to eat special food. Boneca is small and sweet, a doggy of around 4 kgs.

Another animal, tied to our fence at night... Molly, with a huge hernia!! Who can live with an animal many years and then throw away like trash? So easy for some people.....

King was roaming around Quinta do Conde, with his left back leg broken for a few days... He was a young puppy, around 7 months, he still wanted to play even if his leg was broken..... He was taken to the vet, treated and is now with us in our shelter.

This month we had 3 litters of puppies, 24 puppies for adoption. Some have already been adopted, some are still waiting.

But it was not enought to rescue over 40 animals from the streets in the month of September. Some previously adopted ones are coming back:
Igor, previously loved by his family but when the man was forced to change the job and the family move from a house to an appartment, there was no place for Igor. Adopted at the age of 4 months, given back at the age of 1 year.
Leo, adopted at the age of 2 months was given back at the age of 1 year. He is scared of people. What was happening in the home he lived?

Some persons shouldn't even have a porcelain dog...

Last but not least, we asking you to help Nino and Lusa. Each of them needs every week 4 boxes of Interceptor 23 mg during 16 weeks. Each box cost about 25 euros. Both have skin parasite that was treated a year ago but came back - the pervious medicine is not efficient, the vet advises this one. If everyone would give us one box of the Interceptor....

Nino: link
Lusa: link

Please help us to help them!
Thank you!

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