Sccoby and Sandy

Two dogs, male and female, cross Sharpeis were found abandoned in Maçã, Sesimbra. The male was in a deplorable state... There are no words to describe the anger we felt.... His pain is not just physical but also psychological, he is simply depressed. You can take him up in your arms, he just lies there.....

Blood tests were made and we thought he had leishmaniasis in an advance stage and that there was no way of saving him. But to our surprise the tests gave negative to leishmaniasis. Which means that whatever he has, it is treatable: it is mostly that the dog is starved and has anemia, he might also have a flea allergy and a tick fever but we will know that soon with further tests. Anyway, everything is perfectly treatable, he needs rest and food and comfort and he will be fine. Then we hope to find good families for both of them, families that would give them lots of love to compensate for all the suffering. They will be sterilised and vaccinated before rehoming.

We called him Scooby and her Sandy.

Please foster them to help us finance their recovery. And help us find a good home for them afterwards.

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