Cats waiting for a Christmas miracle: Still Sebastião and Anita left!

At this moment Bianca has many adult cats, all social and gentle, waiting for their opportunity to be adopted.
Sebastião had a broken leg, but by now he has fully recovered and is living in a cage... He is a sweet gentle cat who needs a home.
Riscas was abandoned at the vet, he is also living in a cage, waiting for someone to adopt him. He is s beautiful sweet yellow cat.
Tareca was found with an open wound on her chin: we don't know what caused it but she was also treated and now is living in a cage, even a smaller cage than the Riscas and Sebastião. Tareca is very gentle and also needs a home.
The beautiful Carmelinda is living in a dog cage - we are running out of cat cages... She is super gentle.
Anita was a little bit wild in the beginning, but now is submissive. What shall we do? We don't want to leave her on the streets again, seeing that she is becoming gentle and she could be very well in a home. Leaving on the street would be heart breaking. Also leaving her to stay in a cage. So?
We have to find a space for Mel soon, because she will came back from the vet, and today another cat was found in the port of Sesimbra and delivered to Bianca: a gentle female cat with an open leg fracture.
We urgently need adoptions and foster families for adult cats.


Carmelinda  - ADOPTED!

Riscas  - ADOPTED!


Tareca - ADOPTED!

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