Cinderella ADOPTED

Cinderella was found in the port of Sesimbra with with her back leg broken, an open fracture, however she didn't complaint with pain she was feeling.
She is already in the vet clinic and we hope she will be fine and has a fully recovered soon.
Because she is so sweet and gentle, we would like to find her a nice home. It seems that she used to have a home and she was probably abandoned there, like so many others. Many people think the colony of street cats in the port of Sesimbra is a hotel for cats because there is plenty of food, given by other people. So they abandon their cats there saying that they will be ok - but whom are they kidding? - the cats there are exposed to diseases, accidents, cars crossing. And the cats that are not used to live on the streets do not survive for long time there. But those that abandon do not really care.

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