Two urgent adoptions of Lucky and Sebastião (both adopted)

Lucky was found 3 months ago near the house of volunteers with an elastic collar but without an identification. At that time we didn't know if he was lost or abandoned but now, 3 months later, he is still in the house of the same volunteers who found him. Their house is already 'full' of animals and Lucky needs a home for him urgently. Lucky is s nice, gentle and sweet cat, social with children other animals including dogs and even is he is not a kitten anymore, he also deserves a home!

Sebastião was hit by a car and his back leg was broken. He needed to be operated and to stay in complete rest for a while. But this was months ago and Sebastião is now still living in the same cage, because Bianca doesn't have a cat shelther and we don't have anymore temporary families available. Sebastião is a really sweet and social cat and we don't understand why he wasn't adopted yet. He is 3 years old, he is castrated, dewormed and with his vaccinations up-to-date. He has all conditions to go immediately to a home and then he would be a very happy cat!

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