O'Connor in danger (Adopted!)

O'Connor was diagnosed with three types of tick fever and he is taking medications against that but he also has had a tumor. And this tumor burst opened last Saturday. The dog is very week, his defences are low, he is taking lots of medications and for a moment he is in no state to undergo an operation. So we just have to wait and see.

First he was seen wandering alone on the streets in Zambujal, near the 'Fascínio' health and gym club. Then he was seen in Maçã (we wander how he managed to get there as it is a considerable distance to walk for an ill dog). We don't believe he could walk by himself this distance.

He is an extrenely gentle and obedient dog. When his tumor burst and the area needed to be cleaned, he submitted himself calmly to all treatment even if he was obviously in pain.

We want to believe he will survive and find a lovely home.

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