I saw you yesterday, December 29th, at 22h, walking on the road side, crestfallen and with pain in your soul. It was night, but I noticed you were very sad ... and that your new destination was recent, perhaps you had been abandoned yesterday.
I decided to take you with me. When I could pull over, I did and waited you to walk to me. I didn’t see you coming, so I waited for cars to pass and came out of the car calling you but I could not see, it was dark. I continued calling you sweetly. I didn’t see you, so I thought you went inside the pine forest. I was unhappy. But I made a U-turn, drove up the road and went back to the place I had seen you. When I arrived I saw you lying one meter from the road, I was devastated….. I could not believe it was true...
I can't explain you what I felt .... I had no words. I cried for you and cried for me, and cried for all your friends who have been cursed by the evil luck of abandonment ....
If it was not written, if it was not meant that I would give you a happy life, you would not be there laying a victim of a car tire..... I picked you up, you were still hot ..... and I had a faint hope of life that you might have, but it was just my desire….
You're now a star now, I'll see you when I look at the starry sky. And you know, when I die I want to go near you.

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