Little fluffy Bino - looking for a home (adopted!)

Bino was found one day near the shelter. Many dogs appear "magically" in the residential area near the shelter. We think people throw them out of the car near the shelter thinking that they will just walk to the main gate and present themselves. But they often go to the other direction, to the forest and die of hunger there. Or sometimes they go direction houses and beg for the food there. This is how Bino was found. Someone found him roaming the streets and brought him.

He was taken in to the shelter, vaccinated, castrated, blood tests were done to confirm that he is healthy.

And then he was offered a temporary home. In the temporary home we discovered that he is a dog used to living in an appartment, well behaved, house clean, obedient. He even knows not to enter the bedroom, he does not pass the door step. He is very sweet, always follows his temporary owners, always asks for cuddling, hugging and kissing. Good and friendly with other dogs, a bit shy but friendly with children.

Bino is small: 5-7 kg, not old: 3-4 years old, white fluffy and he has blue eyes. And a funny face. Contact us if you would like to give him a home.

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