Why don't you start a new year by fostering on distance a dog from the shelter?

"I cannot adopt a dog or a cat from the shelter, I already have many and I am giving food to cats on the street and I wish I could take all of them but I cannot".

This is what we always hear. This is always what people say to explain why they are not going to help us at all, while there is always something they can do. They don't have to take ALL of our animals home but there are many small gestures that count. When we have our adoption and food collection campaigns people crowd around our stand to tell us the stories about their dogs, about the cats from the colonies they protect and they take time to explain how good and charitable they are but many of them leave without even buying us a can of food for puppies or not even leaving one euro of donation. If they have already rescued one animal, they think they have done their obligation for life. This is better than nothing but there are many more animals in need. And even by small gesture people can help.

When you see us at a fair, why don't you buy a small bag of food? Or buy from our bazaar a piece of jewellery for 1,5 euro? Is it too much?

And especially what you can do is to FOSTER a dog (or a cat) that is in the association and ensure him a quality of life until he or she gets adopted. You choose your amount - 5, 10, 15 or more euros per month. It helps us with food, vaccination, medication, deworming of your chosen animal that continues living in our shelter. And we make you a fostering certificate. If you live far, you can always send us an email and ask for the news. If you live close, you can come and visit your fostered animal - or even foster it without the money but offering other things: walks, bath, a weekend at home, new collar, new coat for winter....

So why don't you start the new year by choosing an animal whom you can help in 2011?

See the here the link to the FOSTERING FORM.

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