The story of Princess Leia

My boyfriend and I had talked about getting a dog for months. We always wanted a husky so we checked finn.no for puppies quite often. One day I got a mail from my sister saying "look at this one" and there she was. The most beautiful dog in the world, a mix of husky and podengo, I fell in love. I copied the link and was supposed to send it to my partner, but before I could count to three he already sent me a message, and in that message was the same link I've gotten from my sister, it was meant to be. We sent a message to Aina, who is the Norwegian contact for the dog shelter Bianca, and a week later we went to meet the dog of our dreams. She sat by us the whole time, and our hearts melted. The same evening, we got a call "she can be yours if you really want her". I screamed and laughed and said "of course we want her", and two days later she came home, we finally got our princess.

It didn't take long before she realized that this was gonna be her castle. She has her own bed, her own eating place and she really loves it here. She loves to run, eat, sleep, sniffing, digging for treasures, lying on the floor with her "mother" and listening to music, giving high fives to her "father", but most of all she loves to cuddle. And so do we.
I can't say it enough how much I appreciate what you're doing at Bianca. And if it weren't for all of you, and the lovely Aina, we would never have met this beautiful princess. And for that I thank you with all of my heart.
Best regards

Ola, Milla and Princess Leia.

Atter en gang tusen takk Aina, for at vi fikk muligheten til å få en prinsesse i hus. Det er vi evig takknemlig for. Ønsker deg og dine en finfin søndag.

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Ola, Milla og Prinsesse Leia

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