Hera now lives in Sweden :)

Hi!, we are a family (mom, daughter and a lady cat) living in the south part of Sweden. Already a few years ago we had our thoughts about having a dog, this process went on for 3-4 years but last year in Jan 2010 we started to discuss this more seriously. My daughter had this idea (very good) to look into some adoptions both here in Sweden as well as in other countries. It took some time screening all the adoptions on line, as they were many options to choose from. Finally she found Bianca in Portugal which seemed to be a professional organisation. We applied online and were in contact with them a few times. We even were offered a visit at home from one of the former volunteers, who as working at the shelter for a few months. This was a perfect initiative both for us as new adopt “parents” and of course important for the crew at Bianca to find out how serious we were. We were paid a visit by Josefin and she informed us thoroughly about the adoption process, the pros and cons.

In April we were in contact directly with Bianca to discuss some of the dogs for adoption; we had prepared a list of names of the dogs that we were interested in. Gosia who is working as a volunteer at Bianca was giving us useful information and we finally decided to adopt one of our favourites: a beautiful lady by the name Hera! Look the webpage of Bianca and you can see her in action.
We were very happy and exited about our choice, now we were facing a difficult and impatience time; wait and see if she was passing all the medical tests, which she did!

The preparation from our site was to plan for a 4 weeks of holiday as we were expecting her in mid July. We found a good dog coach who was informed about the situation. He helped us a lot al ready before the arrival of Hera to Sweden in terms of basic stuff like what kind of food; what to buy in terms of madras to sleep on, leech e.g. the most difficult part was how to react while meeting her at the airport which was on the 14 July at 1.15 AM after being locked in a small cage in more then 10 hrs.
It was an exciting time and we were so happy finally meeting her, she was lovely!
Hera has been a part of the family now for 8 months and we discover new parts about every day! She is very intelligent, funny and playful and a good listener which we experience during the dogs training courses, which she loves to participated, she is best in class!
Every day is a new adventure for Hera and us, coming home to Hera is the best part of the day!

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