"How to abandon a loyal friend after so many years of dedication"

This could be the title of an article about cruelty and terror experienced by a poor animal in the hands of owners.
Unfortunately there are people who do not deserve to exist .... only exist to spread the suffering. Look at the history of  Rene:A volunteer saw three persons carrying a bag and dumping something on the ground and stirred with fear.
After they left, this volunteer went to the place to see what was that. By the distance it was a white thing very strange.
What our volunteer saw was a poodle on the floor covered with a flannel shirt and sand all around it. We guess the dog was left their to die!
We took it immediately to the vet and sedate him because the dog was in panic and tried to bit and he also have an eye infection. We don't even know if is a male or female or if is already blind.
The volunteer how saw it all already filed a police report.


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