Project 3x3

You are on vacation? Are you over 13 years? Like dogs? Want to help them?
So project 3x3 is for you!

What is Project 3x3?
You choose 3 dogs who need to be socialized, need to learn how to walk on leash, get along with other dogs and people, losing their phobias and by do it, you are preparing them to be adopted.

Why the name 3x3? Because you choose 3 dogs and you get 3 joys.
1 - You bound deeply with the animals;
2 - You change those lifes into confident and cheerful animals;
3 - You have the pleasure to see them being adopted.

Like this idea?
So sign up by email sesimbra.bianca@gmail.com, choose your 4 legged friends and start socialize them!
This will be a very gratefull experience.

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