Bianca need food for their 300 animals. Your donation it is important

I m Sookie, beautiful and shy and when I came to Bianca was dying, but I am a survivor. My brother was not so lucky: (

My friends care of me (and my little budies ) every day with lots of love. Despite being very shy, I give my heart to them, they never miss 

I know how to thank, with many many licks with tailes spinning. 
I am afraid of strangers, i bark to them and run away. I will never forget what they did to me, it is etched in my little head: (

We have to eat every day and it is hard (impossible) to buy 2,000 kg of feed per month! We hope you will come help us.
Can it be?
A bag of feed or a can for to fill in the tummy.

See you soon and many licks <3

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