Waiting in vain ? ....


First we would like to thank for the time you spend reading this comunication from Bianca Charity, that shelter 300 animals.

Who love animals cant explain by words the pleasure to have a pet.

Speaking by myself, when I arrive at home I have always 4 little eyes smiling and 2 tails airing of joy. It would be impossible to have greater reception of love! And they ask me nothing, everything is spontaneous, comes from those little hearts :) Fill my life!

Every years there are thousands of animals hopping to find a family to devote their loyalty as my animals and your.

In Bianca shelter they are 300, and many of them, or rather a large part of them, have been waiting a lifetime .... came with 3 or 4 months age and still continue here....now with 7, 8 or 9 years old, losing, from year to year, the twinkle in the eyes and winning white hairs on the muzzle. They are no longer  "cute" and "beautiful" ...

But they still have hope, when someone new comes near their box, they stand up and, as they say with their eyes, "Please ..."
To the extent that someone departs, they return to their corner, clearly sad and lie down, wrapping the body in the snail, realizing that was not today....But someday?

Bianca is here for them, to treat and pamper them, care their sadness.
we do not want them to miss anything, but it is not always possible, not depend on us.

In the last three months we received 90 animals! It's true, abandonment is cruel! We have to pay to the veterinarians who assist our dogs and cats € 4100 for diagnostics, surgery and medication. If we had not intervened, animals like Julieta, Alex, Blue, Luz and others had died.

We bought 4.000kg of food for adult and 1600kg for puppies.
Julieta started making miltefuran for leishmaniose, we bought a bottle that cost 130€ and she need a second one.
Blue is making glucantime injections and it is needed  still six boxes for the entire treatment.
If you can help our pets do not hesitate. We have all these expenses to pay and need your support. 
Please see here Bianca IBAN: 

IBAN PT50003507710001636053029
Or by paypal:

We accept food for dogs and cats. You can bring it to us any day of the week. Share this info to your friends.

We take this oportunity to invite you to visit the blog of our volunteers. The value of every item is fully donated to Biancahttp://www.fazendoanimaisfelizes.blogspot.pt/

Thanks again for your time and support. 

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