We beg your support

Dear Friends

Please, give a minute of your attention to Bianca appeal. Thanks

It is increasingly difficult to help so many animals we have. There are dozens
of animals rescued  monthly in our center, about 40 to 50, of all breeds, sizes, ages, many diseases and problems.

Help them is a dilemma for us. Having a rescue center with about 330 animals, is an almost impossible mission.....
We turn our hope into energy to continue and our dedication into strength to fight the difficulties.

But the truth is that we have to ask your support to SAVE many animals we have with serious health problems!
Our bills in three veterinarians, who work with us,  is huge !!!
Robialac and Smile (both coming from the public kennel) has heartworm. This treatment is very expensive. The treatment for Robialac is about 350 € !!!

Didi, Bloo and Luz  have leishmaniasis ... Just for Luz we will need 60 blisters of glucantime ...
Marley and Pinho are in treatment for several weeks, running over victims.
Our Bia has serious problem, autoimmune disease, can only eat hypo-allergenic diet, such as Délio and Toby...
Marita, came a few days ago, has a leg match (see the video:

Louie  a puppy with 3 monts age (see video: http://youtu.be/RmTQuaVfnCA) seems has myasthenia gravis, a disease that makes it impossible to walk because it is tired in less than a minute, paralyzing  ... need special care and treatment. We WANT SAVE HIM!
What to do? Give up ? NEVER ... THEY DESERVE OUR EFFORT!

Now we need to dewormed all our dogs and cats, it costs around €1200 !!!
WE Beg YOUR HELP. Give us your support. 

If you do not contribute money, PLEASE send to us :
Deworming internal (ZYPIRAN Plus, Caniquantel plus, Milbemax, Drontal Puppy) and external deworming - only pipettes (advantix, advocate, advantage, Strongold or similar).

Glucantime and Ronaxan (veterinary use); 
Flagyl tablets, amoxicillin with clavulanic acid, Actidox, strong Becozyme  (human use).

If you can help with veterinary expenses, see Bianca IBAN in our website, and also find there the botton to donate by paypal  www.bianca.pt/english

We still have calendars for this year as well as many other items available. Order via email, fazendoanimaisfelizes@gmail.
Visit the blog of volunteers in http://fazendoanimaisfelizes.

Please share this message! Thank you for your support! 

On behalf of the board
Ana Duarte

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