Our SOL, after had the accident made an eco and was discovered she has Cushing. What is Cushing?
The endocrine system is the collective system of organs that control hormones in the body, one of which is the cortisone hormone, responsible for protein and carbohydrate metabolism in the body. When a disorder of the body causes an excess of cortisone levels in the bloodstream, the metabolic process is hampered, leading to gastrointestinal disorders and hypertension, among other bodily disturbances. This condition is medically referred to as hyperadrenocorticism, and it is one of the most common endocrine disorders to affect dogs.
Cushing’s disease refers specifically to an increase in cortisone due to a benign tumor of the pituitary gland. In 15 percent of cases, spontaneous hyperadrenocorticism occurred as a result of cortisol-secreting adrenocortical cancer, half of all such adrenocortical cancers will metastasize (spread). Hyperadrenocorticism can also occur when veterinarians or other caregivers administer excessive amounts of glucocorticoids to pets for the treatment of low cortisone levels, inflammation, or allergies. This disease affects a number of bodily systems, and signs of this disease vary considerably between cases. However, the most common signs are related to the urinary tract or the skin. Hyperadrenocorticism generally affects middle-aged to older animals.
Now Sol is medicated for Cushing Syndrome.

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