Your help is essential!

Dear friends.
Today we are, once again, claiming your love for the animals. We've been receiving so many animals in the last few days, some are seniors and ill... And we see ourselves with difficulty.
Just to feed our animals, we need 6.500kg of dry food every month!!!
The simple way some people just discard their animals is truly heartbreaking! Make us feel sad, make us cry many times in silence, away from other's eyes...
But we and not stop, and we won't! Saving lives, give life to life.
The heart of Bianca its the animals, here they found peace, safety, love and protection. they are angels without wings, borned to give us everything out of love, however and sadly the human being keeps returning them to oppostite.
These angels looked into our eyes, supplicating or appreciating our help, this is our motivation!
We want to help Vito, a sweet dog that spent 8 years with us and now is ill, last 25th january made a brain scan that cost 170euros. Was diagnosed with brain tumor with 21mm...
Lili has neurologic problems, the reason is unknown. Out of the blue she stopped walking, slowly is recovering but so slowly...
Iris, this sweet little girl, has only 4kg, is old and was abandoned on the side of the road... Made blood tests and we suspect she has leishmania.
We also received 4 puppies that were put in the trash inside of plastic bags...
Pluma was submitted to surgery to her back leg, just like her sister Paty. Both had a serious problem on their back leg, now resolved, however the vet bill for this surgery is 350€.
Menina, is a sweet little female cat living in the street, she is very friendly and somehow was hit by a car and broke one leg and dislocated the other. The vet is monitoring her every 4 days to decide the best solution for her, depending on her evolution. She will survive, but the veterinary cost is high... check her video here: https://youtu.be/O_InSeJ7aDI
Please help us! All donations are essentials to pay the vets and pharmacy bills.
We know the economic is somehow hard nowadays, but if everyone could at least donate 1 euro, we could pay part if not all bills we have!
You may donate money (receipt will be given), dry food, soft food, medication, deworming pills for cat and dogs. See our full list of medications needed here: http://www.bianca.pt/index.php…
We also need brick, cement to build new parks and a special place for the elders. Please support this cause!
You can also contribute with plants, like 'shadow trees', amides, lavender, citronella... if you have any questions, please contacts us.
There is some english calendars of 2016 available. Get yours by email fazendoanimaisfelizes@gmail.com
Make your donation using this bank account number (IBAN): PT50 0035 0771 00016360530 29 or by paypal using this email biancageral@gmail.com
Thank you so much for your time reading this! Please share this post, you will be helping hundreds of animals.
Thank you!



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