Melek - Urgent case

Melek (means Angel) was found in a gutter, for what we think some days, with his back legs paralised.
This little cat dragged himself with distressed, was undernourished, dehydrated, infected eyes, however with good appetite and some energy.
For our surprised, he had larvae of flies inside of his anus. Because he could not defect the fly entered and laid eggs... :( What a horrible image to picture. Poor angel :(

But more surprised was yet to come... He also have gun lead on his loin, luckly was not on his spinal cord.
On the other side, has nothing broken but doesn't move this back legs and have no sensibility whatsoever. We have hope he may regain his mobility because has pulse. So we will not give up on this little survivor. Melek is such a sweetheart. Loves to be on out lap and only wants to be pet. <3 <3 <3 
We only can imagine what he have been through...
Melek needs to recover, lets all of us wish we may recover <3 <3
Viewer discretion is advice! This video may be not advised to sensible viewers :(

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