Keep save

In this dificuld and hard time, that we fight an invisibke enemy, all the animals in the world (in the shelters and the streets)   continue need too be cared.
They are innocents, the not guilties.

4 paws are the beings that DID NOTHING for this chaos.  Humans are responsable for them.

Bianca has 500 animals neededing to be feeded, medicated, cleaned every day.
We want to say THANKS to our workers that continue to work every day, a non stop work so animals can have food, water, medicines.
Now that we are at home, in quarentena, remember those that MUST be working, to ensure the dogs and cats have care. They depend on us, they cant be by themselfs.

Right now, Bianca cant have volunteers in the shelter, till the pandemic is solved. Animals need their keepers save. We hope you understand.

From your home, there are several ways to help. Think how you can do it.
Stay at home, save humans lifes, included yours and change an animal life 💓

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