Several dog female to sterilized - Help is needed

Bianca has several female dogs (and dogs, but the priority is female dogs) to sterilize. We scheduled a sterilization for next Monday, for Celine, whose value will be 90 € (price for a Charity)
Celine came from Lagoa de Albufeira and was not claimed.
Jasmin and Yara also came from Lagoa, their sterilization will cost 80 € each.
Larger females, like Pink, Karlotta will be 100 €.
Due to the pandemic, we cannot go to sterilize some dogs, where we did it, at zero cost .... So dogs to be sterilized are been accumulating in our shelter and sterilization is very urgent.
For example, Sandra and Iris are living with 2 unsterile males, as well as Celine and we dont have another kennel to separate them....
We thought about publishing some of our "girls" who have to be sterilized and ask to our friends 1 € only
So quickly the dogs could be sterilized ❤️
Let's get started!
IBAN PT50003507710001636053029
Paypal biancageral@gmail.com

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