continuation of the black cocker and mix breed dog that we had found

You remember that I wrote that last Saturday we found a black cocker and a black mix breed dog, both with identical green collars. You can see the pictures below.
A week later someone called Rosa (the lady that is there evryday in th shelter to take care of the animals). I am surprised it took the owner a week to call to the most obvious place in Sesimbra where a dog can end up, especially that the owner is from Sesimbra too. He asked about two dogs, Rosa said we found them and she told him to call Ana as Ana is taking care of the adoptions and basically without Ana's knowledge no dog leaves the kennel. Someone has to have full control over it and it has to be one person.
So the guy called Ana and he asked about the cocker but he said that the other dog is not his and he has no idea whose he is. Ana told him that it was doubtful, the dogs were together and they had the same collar so she thought both were his. In the afternoon the guy came to the kennel with another story: the cockers is his and the other dog belongs to another guy who is in Lisbon and he cannot come now but he will come later. And asked him to come back with the owner of the other dog and she will only give both dogs together. She also put a condition that the dogs will go to the vet first and will have a chip implanted which will be registered on the name of the owner.
The guy left shouting and I don't know if we will see him again.... It seems that he "lost" two dogs on purpose and maybe his child is crying for them so he decided to take back one and of course the one that is full breed. We'll see but I am afraid Bianca has got two more dogs....

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