Dramatic rescue of puppies (5 ADOPTED, 5 STILL WITH US)

My friends, on
Sunday, the 15th of October we went to rescue the puppies of Madalena. A wild dog, very frightened but sweet. She never had known a touch of human hand! So she thinks all humans are bad. We tried several times to rescue her but wihtout success . When her puppies came with her out of their hiding place, they were already as the mother, afraid. Wild, without much possibility to be adopted.

We began about 15 h. Gloves and protection clothes. The place where we were looking for the puppies is about 500 meters, full of high bamboos.

We descended down a hole and the trousers of André got just damaged! Someone warned us just in time that there was water in the well!!!! IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE ANYTHING.

We broke through the bamboos for about 3 meters, it was very compact, dark inside, no sun can go inside. We walked on our knees and crawled, it was the only way to continue. About one hour later we heard voices of the puppies!!!! We were so happy. At least we could demarcate the area of about 100 meters.
By 18h we still didn't find them. We were tired, so tired and frustated. We said, it is impossible, we must give up.
But Silvia and Andeia said NO, I don't go home without finding them! And Silvia continued with forces we don't know where she gets them from, they came from her heart. We followed her.
Suddenly Silvia said. They are here!!! I'm seeing them!. It was a miracle for all of us.
She went slowly, because they were so afraid. She took the first and in a human cord we passed the puppies to each other.
When André had the 3rd puppy he fell inside a bamboo, we only saw his head! Rosa shouted that André didn't feel well. The powder of the bamboo was suffocating him. Miguel gave me the 4th puppy and he went to help André, André came slowly out. Ufff.
Andreia was laying with a puppy between ger legs and she could not move.
We got 9 pupies: 6 girls and 3 boys, 4 weeks old. The way to come back was impossible with the puppies. How to come out from this devil's place? Miguel and Silvia made bags out of their coats. I had one puppy, Andreia had another pupy, André had 3, Migeul had 2 and Rosa had 2 more puppies.
Silvia went to look for a way out, we followed her. We were doing more or less ok, when sudenly we needed to climb up once more, with puppies in one hand .......
But we did! Out of this place, it was happiness! Andreia said: I lost my mobile phone, but doesn't matter because we have the babies. Miguel, her husband said, no we go down look for it. they went and we heard a shout: there is another baby!!! Oh my god, nothing happens without a reason, this puppy is called TMN (the mobile phone network).
The puppies are called Andre, Andreia, Miguel, Silvia, Rosa, Ana, Sunny, Team, Bamboo e TMN. The Bamboo was pinched by the bamboos, and could not walk! She was like a frog. She went to the vet and is doing phisiotherapy. She can walk now!
We are looking for support to vaccinate and feed them.
The next rescue will be the mother Madalena. We must succed!
Special thanks to ANDRÉ, ANDREIA, MIGUEL and SILVIA

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