Puppies abandoned near trash ADOPTED

A man came to our shelter this morning. He told Katia that he had seen yesterday 7 puppies: very thin, without the mother abandoned near the trash and in a great danger!
Katia sent me a sms and I quickly called the man.
He told me where it was and that he had given milk to the puppies but if we didn't go there they would die in few days.
I and Rosa went there. What we saw was terrible!! Seven puppies, with "milky" eyes, alone in the the trash, next to a drain pipe!! A great danger!!
They were without protection and the man that called us had created a temporary protection from the rain a day before.
The puppies were so alone, so unhappy, so miserable!! Where is the mother? Who put the puppies there? Who is the monster that did that???? How can a person sleep after doing this??!!
These puppies have 4 weeks! Someone put them there to die alone, without food and mother they would die!
I wolud like to meet this person to look in the eyes and tell him he is a murderer.
In this moment we have 43 pupies aged from 4 weeks to 5 months.
We need a great help for adopt our babies. The shelter is completely full and without space to keep more animals. We are living very dificult moments. We need help!

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