Jakeline ADOPTED

When our volunteers arrived yesterday to the shelter by 8 in the morning, they found a new dog inside!
The dog was trembling because of cold and fear. Rosa warmed her and fed her, she was so hungry!!
She is a small dog, about 6 kilos, 3-4 years old, very calm and sweet.
She was lucky, the only dog that was free in the kennel was Mimi, but even Mimi could bite in a dangerous situation.
We think that the person who threw her inside was looking the "better" place to do that. If she was thrown to the oposite side, where we put Cesar free all night, to guard, she would have certainly been bitten for sure. We need a dog to guard because it happened one or twice in Portugal that people went to the shelters to free dogs or to stole dogs or to do lots of other things. We want Cesar to guard the shelter.
It was lucky too that she didn't break a leg. Or another damage.
So you can see what people can do want when they don't want their animals anymore. They throw away! When people divorce and they don't want to keep pets, when they move house and they "forget" pets, when the pet have grown 10cm more than expected, when the pets loose hair on the floor......
People should buy porcelaine dogs, they don't give troubles!!

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