a boxer found so skiny !! ADOPTED

On Sunday, a lady called us to say that she was living near the municipal kennel and that, two days before, one female boxer had appeared in her garden. Since that day, the lady was feeding her because the dog was very weak and couln´t stand on her feet. So, on Monday morning, we went to see the dog and found a horror. This sweet boxer was so thin, so thin ! I´d never see such a thing ! (she weights 18 kilos which means that to be normal, she has to put on 10 more kilos!). She stood up and went with me. We verified if the dog had a chip and ... she had one ! We went with her to the vet to phone to the chip central to know who was the owner. The owner´s name was sounding like a young person's name, it was strange. We had his phone number and I tried to call him. We succeeded to speak to him only at night. He said to me that he had lost 2 dogs, 2 females, one cocker and one boxer !!!!!!!!!!!! I asked him how much time ago he lost them, he said : I dont´t know, 2, 3 days may e 4. I asked him why he didn´t know exactly when, he answered that he was living in Quinta do Conde and that the dogs were living with three other ones in a farm in Sesimbra, alone (Sesimbra is about 25 kms far away Quinta do Conde !). We felt so angry because in such a few days it was impossible for a dog to become so thin and we understood that he was not feeding his animals correctly. We exploded saying that it was a shame to treat animals like this. He asked me when he could see me to recuperate the boxer (he didn´t know that we had the cocker too, we only told him that we had seen the cocker on the street !). We answered that we had to speak to the president of the Association and that we will call him back.

We decided that the best solution would be not give back the boxer to her owner. If she goes back, she will die quickly ! We decided not call back this men and to see what happens. Until now, nothing .......... If he calls, we will say: We don't have her, she run away. He can't prove !!!! She is with us and she is geting great!

The vet made a first check up to our beautiful dog friend. Apparently, if she is so thin it is because of malnutrition ! Can you believe it ! She has not leshmanie and all bloodresults are ok, maybe the liver has a little problem, but with special liver food she will ok soon.

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