Nina, a dog abandoned on the street inside a box with 6 puppies the night before Christmas ADOPTED

Yesterday, 2nd of January, a woman from Quinta do Conde called me. In the nigth of 23rd of December she took to her home a dog with 6 puppies.
Nina (that's how she called her) was on the street, near an animalshop, inside a cloth basket, together with 6 puppies aged about 15 days. They had not even hasd their eyes opened. She didn't want anybody to touch the pupies! She was afraid someone may do something wrong to them. After some minutes she let the woman finally to touch them. Now they are 3 weeks, eyes opened and they eat very well. Nina is a wonderful mother, and a very friendly, sweet dog. She loves to be inside the home, she is very clean and ahe behaves very well. Nina is about 2 - 3 years old, 10 kg, and between 35 - 40 cm.
Someone wanted to go away for Christmas and left the mother and the puppies on the street.
Quinta do Conde is a dramatic place for animals.
We hope the family can keep them for some time while we look for families to adopt because our shelter is full of dogs already.....

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