Madalena's puppies (one adopted, four still with us.....)

On April,25 we went to look for Madalena's puppies. We were 10 persons. No success. We went home very disappointed without having even heard a noise of the puppies.

We saw Madalena but she went without we could see where she was going. Today we received a call from police.

They found the puppies behind their station. They heard a noise from there and went to see. Clarisse went running there. Theer were 3 dead pupies and 5 alive. Very skinny and starving.

She went to the vet, they were so starving they could eat the hand of Clarisse and the vet when they fed them.We are so afraid what could have happened to Madalena.

I made a promise to her I should protect her and would save her. But I could not.... I feel bad... ((( .....very bad.

Tomorrow we will go to look for Madalena, search if we can find her, dead or alive. We won't give up from her. Her pupies are now 5 weeks, but their bodies are little, probably they haven't eaten for 5 or 6 days ....... If there are miracles we want one now, to find Madalena alive!

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