Donaldo (DIED...), Laranja and Mascote (still with us....)

Laranja was found in Alfarim, near Lagoa and Zambujal. Unfortunately people in these places don't see dogs and cats they way we we see them. They are useful to bark so the owner could say "I have a dog" .....((( The dog was there for some weeks ago with the period, lots of dogs around her, and now she is certainly pregnant. Nobody called us.... It was necessary for a woman not from there to see the dog and call Albertina. Laranja (means Orange) has some small tumors and a one big one. I think they are not malicious tumors. They don't look like. The females who have had lots of pupies during their lives have such tumors. Now Laranja looks happy, she is a very special sweet girl, and she is very friendly. She is about 17 kg, 55 cm, and 5 years old.

One morning last week when Rosa and Katia arrived to the shelter about 8 a.m., they saw a dog tied by his leg to an old cart we have at out gate!!!! It was the dog they called Donaldo. It was an original way to tie a dog...((( Donaldo has dificulties to walk, he has pains, lots of pain, he moves slowly. He went quickly to vet, he has a tick fever and is now being treated. It could have been so easy for his family to take him to vet, make the blood tests we had done and treat him. He would be more happy in his home. Or not...... if the family abandoned him, for sure they didn't give him a happy life. Not a minute, well, maybe when he was a pupy, puppies are nice.... funny... a puppy is like a toy. When the puppy grows and needs to go to vet or something more, the animal is not good anymore. That was the Donaldo's luck. Or not......... We can give him now (we hope) a happy life. He will get to know what is a happy life, I hope.

This is Mascote, an old dog that used to live in Sesimbra's streets for a long time. People used to feed him. He was happy, we thought. He was free, had food, etc. Last week he was laying on the street, he could not move. And nobody did anything. Until someone call Bianca. A volunteer went there and took him to vet. It was a liver. People feed him with lots of bad things. Now he looks different, healthy and happy.

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