Sesimbra: we found two dogs, obviously lost, we are looking for the owner!

Saturday we found two young dogs, obviously lost, not abandoned. Very well taken care of, beautiful fur, no ticks, both with nice green collars. One is a black cocker spaniel and the other a mix-breed bigger dog, also black. They have no chips though nor other identification.
We are putting annonces everywhere in the vets in the area, animal shops, multibancos.
The problem is, during those days they have to be somewhere. The kennel is a shock for them, as they are "spoiled doggies", used to be in their own environment, they would not adapt. The kennel is no luxury.
Then, introducing a male dog into the kennel, where we have lots of other males, is always a problem. There may be fights. We would have to put them in a separate box for a moment. We don't have, one the kennel is already overcrowded.
For the next few days they are in a dogs' hotel, safe but also very modest. It is already not what they are used to. The association is paying for the hotel, what can we do, but any contributions are welcome. We hope the owner appears soon .

Anyone, if there is anyone from the area who would like to act as a FAT (temporary family), for a limited period of time , please let me know.

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