Three Mosqueteers: Atos, Portos and Aramis waiting on the road

On the 10th of June in the morning, one lady was going to work. On the side of the road she saw three puppies. It surprised her and made her feel anxious as the animals were not moving from there, it seemed that they were waiting for someone. Maybe for whoever left them there....

In the afternoon she was going back and there were still there, waiting. It was a long waiting time... (...).
This road to Maça is dangerous, plenty of truck going there. What could she do? What could we do? Our kennel is really full, but we could not leave them there, so they would finally get killed by a car!

They are 3 brothers around three and a half months old and they will grow big.

People let their female dogs get pregnant, give birth and then they kill the puppies or abandon them like this. People should be informed that sterilising a female dog does not hurt her, does not do anything bad to her but solves the problem of overpopulation. It is only if we sterilise dogs, then we will get a grip of the problem of overpopulation. We have never had so many puppies in the kennel as now.

We can help with sterilisations. If you need help, contact us.

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