Updates on cases presented recently in this blog

Nik (12/8): our 3-legged friend is doing a bit better. He arrived very scared but he is slowly gaining confidence. He is in a big cage in our pharmacy. he moved from the back corner to the front and is observing people. He accepts an occasional touch through the bars. He is still scared a bit, he needs more time but he will be fine with us.
Nik got already a "foster family": a nice English family that offered a donation for him. They know it is unlikely a 3-legged dog get adopted so they want to help us with his expenses in the shelter. And we will also get a bed for him send as a present from someone in Norway.

Tomi (12/8): the husky we found on our door. No chip. Noone has claimed him. We called all the ads about lost huskies, it is not him. Seems like he has been abandoned. He is so sweet, wants to play, wants to be petted. It is a a beautiful animal. Anyone would like to give him a home? Dogs adopted from the shleter are so grateful....

Out of our three kittens (10/8 and 31/7)), one got adopted. Oscar, the kitty with one eye, now called Felix. Victoria, another kitten with one eye and Jeremias, the kitten that was sick, are both fine now but they are in the vet clinic and we have nowhere to put them..... Anyone would like a kitten?

Marta and her four puppies (4/8), rescued from the side of the road: two males, Marcio and Marcelo have been adopted. Two females, Marcia and Marcela, are reserved. The mum, Marta, has been sterilised and she will leave the vet soon to come to the kennel. She is a young friendly lovely dog, anyone would like to give hera home she has probably never had?

Pirucas (3/8 and 11/6): a podendo bitten by a pitbull and kicked by a man. He had another operation and ... success! He will be walking normally, he will not be limping! He came back to the shelter today. Anyone would like to adopt him? He is really sweet and he has gone through enough, he really deserves a home. Anyone would like to foster him, to help us pay the vet bills?

Dalmy..... (3/8 and 17/7)) This is a sad story. We did not manage to save him. The shot touched the spine and the nervous signals were nto transmitted to back legs. After initial slight recovery, he was getting worse: he was losing the feeling in back legs, muscles were disapearing, he was losing weight. We have tried a few options, a few vets and nothing helped. He had to be put to sleep..... Goodbye Dalmy.

Eugenia (30/7), the scared female caught on the roundabout.... She was not wild, she must have had a home but have been abandoned and badly treated, she is very scared of people. She has been sterilised and she is staying the shelter but if she does not gain confidence with people, she is not adoptable. She will stay with us. We have more of them like this. Scared dogs that feel only safe in the shelter, thsi is their home, they get along very well with other animals and they accept the presence of people they know. In that case - anyone would like to foster her to help us with the expenses?

Three white and black puppies (24/7) abandoned at the door of our shelter at night - they were very weak when they arrived, they were still drinking milk and not eating solid food. What a beast could have separated them so early from the mother. One of them did not survive. Two others, Serenela and Sofia fortunately yes. They have been first taken to a temporary family and now each of them has been adopted.

Four puppies found on N10 (24/7) that look like little wolves: A male has been adopted. Three females are still with us: Celeste, Carmita and Cacilda. We hope they will be adopted on the coming Adoption fair! Spread the message.

Samanta: samoiedo found with 5 babies and Zaza, another samoiedo female found with her (23/7): Four babies have been adopted, one black stayed and we hope he'll get adopted the coming Adopting fair. Samanta has been reserved. Zaza is still for adoption.

Las Palmas (14/7) is still with us.... Noone claimed him, noone adopted him. He is sad. We need to keep him on the chain. He only gets one or two walks per day. Anyone would like at least to come from time to time and give him a walk? He is big, he may look scary but he is so gentle.

8 puppies found by a friend of the Association in the garbage of Quinta do Conde (13/7) have been all adopted.

Monty (28/6) abandoned by his own owner with the police and SEPNA not caring at all, is still with us. He is still scared of people, slowly gaining confidence but for a dog that had a home and an owner it is amazing that he is so scared. We still have to have his eye operated, we just did not have money with Pirucas, Dalmy and Nino at the vet and a few urgent sterilisations. Anyone would like to foster him and help us with the costs of his operation?

Jeli, found on our door and Pituxa, found on the street (22/6) are still with us. Jeli is so much asking for human attention. He really needs a home. We cannot have a male adult arrive like this to the kennel, other dogs won't accept him. So he is on a chain. Anyone would like to come and play with him and take him for a walk? And Pituxa is really sweet. She is playful. Anyone would like to adopt her? Such a little thing hardly bothers.
Felipe (22/6) has been adopted by a nice family from the surroundings on the last adoption fair!

We still ask to foster our dogs to contribute to their castration or sterilisation. From the entry of 17/6 Beto and Vilsa have been adopted and Princesa has been sterilised but others are still waiting. And we have many others. We made the same request on 20/12, noone appeared. We had a number of males castrated on the cost of Bianca, it was very important. Our vet debts increased.

Three Mosqueteers (11/6): Atos, Portos and Aramis. Portos has been adopted at the last fair. Atos and Aramis are still there. They are so nice, friendly with people and other dogs and playful!

Maria Papoila (1/6) is still with us. She is beautiful. She put on weight. You can find new pictures on her on the webpage, in "urgent cases". Her tick fever and anemia has been treated. Her leshmaniose is being medicated and controlled. She will be sterilised soon. She is lovely, so friendly with everyone, so asking for human contact. She was on the TV with famous Portuguese singers! You can see on the webpage: "Bianca on TV".

Princesa and her babies (29/5): all three babies have been adopted: Condessa, Marquesa and Principe. Princessa is still with us, she has been sterilised, she is waiting for a new home. She is so playful, any time you enter the shelter, she will bring you a toy to play with her. Noone wants to adopt adult dogs.....

Pantufas and a litter of 5 puppies (26/5): Pantufas is still with us, he has been castrated but he is nto happy in the kennel. He is used to having a home. He knows to sit on a command, walks well on the leash and is sued to be driven in a car. He will get a bath and haircut at the end of this week.
Out of five puppies found on that day, 4 has been adopted. One is still with, Malhada, a girl of 4 months. She is absolutely beautiful! Adopt her.

Nero (22/5): a beautiful blak labrador, 3 years old. He is still with us. He is good with people, he likes children. But he is not happy in the shelter. He only eats when someone is next to him. And in the shelter there are 3 people for over 200 dogs.... So he lots on weight. Adopt him! Spread the word.

Madalena's puppies (14/5): we never found Madalena. She must be dead.... All five puppies survived. But only one got adopted. Other four are with us, they are really sweet, 4 months old, not very big. See on our webpage: 2 males: Guido and Gaspar and two females: Gama and Goia. Adopt them!

Laranja, Donaldo and Mascote (14/5). Donaldo died. His tick gever was too advanced. Laranja has been operated: her tumours removed and sterilised. Then she started losing weight, she had lots of parasites. She got an atibiotic and she is better now. She is sweet, very friendly and she likes playing with Princesa. She is healthy, she could easily be adopted! Mascote is fine. He has a little house, he sleeps most of the day. he is old. We want to give him calm and safe last days.

Nini and the kittens (27/4). They kittens are in two houses of families friends to Bianca. Some were adopted, some are still there. We will bring them to the next Adoption fair. You can see the kittens on Bianca webpage.

Vasco (27/4): we renamed him Balu. His hernia has been operated. He is old and calm. He would need a home... Now he is in a box with a few other dogs. now he has a tumor in the ear that we are having treated in the vet. He needs to go to the vet 3 times a week. We need help taking our animals to the vet during the day. Anyone can offer help?

Fofinha, a croos German or Belgian shepherd and her three girl puppies (27/4): the puppies alreday found homes (Margarida, Margareta and Agustina) but Fofinha is still with us. She is beautiful, she put on weight, got a bath. She is very gentle. Very playful too, like a puppy although she is probably around 5 years old. People abandon dogs that have spent years with them! She is obedient. Will be sterilised soon. Can anyone give her a home? New pictures on the webpage.

Valentina, a German shepherd and her 9 puppies (23/4): all puppies have been adopted and Valentina is living in a temporary family, not in the shelter.

Bianca and her four puppies (2/2): all puppies have been adopted. Bianca and one of her girl puppies has been adopted by the woman that found her, even if she had other dogs in the house already.

Noah (2/2): the skinny boxer that we found. You can see her actual photo on the website. She was so skinny but now she has put on weight. She is friendly, nice with people and dogs and perfectly healthy. She had an owner but when we informed him how he should get in touch with us to pick her up, he never called back. He was not interested. So she stayed in the shelter. People like this guy should be punished. But in Portugal nothing happens to you if you abandon your animal.

Nina and her 6 puppies (3/1) : puppies have all been adopted by different families and Nina by the family that found her.

Aline (30/12). Aline is still with us. She is very friendly with people and dogs. She had gone thorugh a lot but she has forgiven everything. Her anemia has been cured, she put on weight and her leshmaniose has been controlled and medicated. She still has ear infection (otitis) that is not easy to cure but we are proceeding according to the vet's indications. Recently she had an infection on the pillow of her front paw, she did not want to walk, thet required a paste every day and bandage but the paw is better now. People don't want to adopt dogs with leshmaniose although if controlled and medicated, the dog can live long and healthy. A good family could adopt Aline. She would have lots of love to give back. But if not, a fostering would help us with her medical expenses. Anyone would like to foster her?

Salomao (30/12): Salomao is still with us. He has put on weight, he looks great (new pictures on the webpage). He has leshamaniose but controlled and medicated. Same thing as for Aline. Maybe someone would want to adopt him.... He has already two "fostering parents": one lady in Portugal and one lady in Norway. Lucky him!

Puppies (20/12 and 9/12 - they are the same puppies): all adopted!

Jackeline (14/12): dropped into the fenced area of the shelter. She is still with us. Little. Sweet. Calm. Shy and a bit afraid of new people. But a good family could give her a home.

Rescue of Madalena's puppies (6/12): That's the same Madalena that left us five new puppies half a year later. She never allowed herself to be caught. The puppies found on that day were nto so lucky with adoptions. Out of: Andre, Andreia, Miguel, Silvia, Rosa, Ana, Sunny, Team, Bamboo e TMN, six still stay with us: Miguel, Silvia, Sunny, Team, Bamboo e TMN. They are now 10 months old and absolutely lovely: friendly, playful. New photos on the webpage. But people want to adopt puppies, they don't want to adopt them anymore!

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