Blondie is an extremely gentle 3 or 4 years old male doggie. He used to belong to an elderly lady living alone in a house in Brejos de Azeitao. She also owned a female dog, Blondie's life companion.
Blondie's owner died two years ago. Her sons quickly took posession of the house and all its material contents, but it seems that the faithful friends of their mother's last years did not make it to the final selection of items to preserve. So both Blondie and his female friend (we will never know her name) saw the street, along with the rest of the "useless garbage" that elderly women seem to accumulate.
Maybe sadness for the loss of her owner or a heartless speeding driver took the life of the female a few months later. She was never seen again. Left alone in this world, Blondie roamed the streets he used to walked along his owner. His exceptionally kind nature gained him some charitable hearts that provided for his food, a couple of Bianca's collaborators included.
So Blondie had a lonely, though calm life in the streets of a closed condominium, until a stone hearted neighbor (around the age when people should seriously start to act charitably, hoping for a similar treatment from their Maker), decided that poor gentle Blondie was posing a threat to her life and her Yorkshire's, and that he made the pavements of her street dirty...When word came that she was seriously planning to "get rid" of Blondie, Bianca took action and rescued him. Now he lives in the shelter, the proud owner of a wooden house, barking happily and making new doggie friends, surrounded by loving hands and smiles, away from cruel people and their bad intentions.

Although he misses his freedoms and his walks are not as regular as he would like them to be scarce human resources of Bianca comparing to the volume of dogs....

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