Mateus DIED.....

Mateus, after the surgery to reconstruct his sexual organs was recovering quite well. He was diagnosed with tick fever and leishmaniasis and we started to treat those sicknesses as soon as the vet told us we could do it.
His liver and kidneys were stable and they showed acceptable values. However, at the beginning of the treatment, the kidneys started to work badly and we had to stop the treatment. The values of the liver started to go up and continued even when we stopped the treatment. The veterinary tried to help him to stabilise those values but it was not possible. He was getting worse and worse.
Today (12/10/2008), at 12.27, he left us ..... He left us broken-hearted and with a feeling of helpnessness that we did not manage to give him a long and happy life. We gave him lots of love and care the two months he was with us and we had support of many people. Nevertheless, that was not his destiny.... We will never forget him. He must have known that we loved him......

Friends of Mateus are mourning after him and would like his suffering and death not to be in vain. This is why friends of Mateus have decided today that for the present week will always wear a white piece of clothing which will be a sign of mourning after Mateus. If you want to join us, please wear a piece of white clothing during this week. This is our tribute to this lovely animal whom we did not manage to save.
We gave him all our love and care during the two months he was with us. We will never forget him.
We would like to thank Projecto Piloto and its friends for this idea.

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