News from the shelter

Preciosa - good news! She had on owner! Tha lady came to find her in the shelter and they were both very happy.

Nelia - the vet decided that her paw could not be operated but in fact what prevented her from walking was a broken toe. So it will heal and she will be able to walk! It does not change the fact however that there is some maniac over there shooting to innocent dogs.

Mateus - he is back to the vet and he does not want to eat. We are very worried about him.... Actually it is important to go to the clinic and give him some encouragement.

Pricaus is also at the clinic but the vet is optimistic about his leg. He says it is getting better and he needs lots of walks. We wish we could offer that in the shelter but we never have enough people to walk the dogs. But they do walk him in the shelter.

We had a number of new dogs entering.... Kika, Tontis, Duke, Salvador, Catarina, Nando... The problem is that they are adult dogs, it is difficult to introduce an adult dog to the shelter, especially a male one. In the meantime, we had at least 6 puppies and 8 kittens adopted (at the Animal Day on 4-5 October in Belem), this is really good but we need to increase the adoptions of adults.

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