Nelia - a victim of someone who amuses himself shooting at defenceless living beings

Nelia was living in the forest near the beach; she was born there, with her two sisters, the daughter of an abandoned female dog. She is very gentle and around 7 months old. She was walking around limping and it seemed that she was in pain. One of Bianca friends who was feeding them nearly since their birth, caught her and took her to the vet as he thought that she had broken her leg. She had an X-ray taken and then we realised that she had pieces of lead in her leg - someone was practising shooting to dogs there. There are many little holes in her front right paw, some probably in the articulation and this is why she has problems walking. She usually keps her leg in the air but most of all she prefers to be sitted or to lay down. We can see in leg's picture the mark of the balls.
Two of her sister stayed there and they are also limping. They are not so social and trustful as Nelia but it is absolutely urgent that we catch them!
Who is amusing himself by shooting at defenceless living beings? Next time he will do it to people, just wait and see.
It is URGENT to have Nelia operated and to find a 5-star family for her. She is scared but friendly and gentle, she only needs a bit of care and love to feel safe.
We also need to catch her sisters and have them operated - but we need help, we need your help! Foster them and help us to pay their operations, adopt them or help us finding good homes for them!
UPDATE: Nelia does not need to be operated. She was limping because her toe was broken but she is already walking better. the vet advised not to remove the lead from the leg.

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