Faustina ADOPTED

Faustina is another case of abandonment. She was found wandering on the beach on the 12th of February. She was very thin. We took her for the blood tests and we found aout that she had anemia and heart worms. Both treatable but the heart worms treatment is expensive: she needs two injections, the first and the second one 24 hours later. The injections are not cheap and we need foster parents/ sponsors for her.

So far we were nourishing her so she would put on weight and regain forces. Than we will treat the heart worms. Soon, because she is getting a bit better.

She is beautiful and has blue eyes, light blue like ice. When she puts on weight a bit, we'll have her sterilised and the look for a home for her. The best would be a home without other female dogs because it seems that she is a bit jealous and not friendly to other girls.

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