Nina - an example of a will to live ADOPTED

One of the adult female dogs in the shelter, Nina, had a neurological problem (she suffered a stroke) in November last year and she could not walk for a month. Her eyes were moving but her body could not. She was at the vet but she was not improving. We took her to another vet who decide to try physiotherapy sessions. She stayed at this vet for a few months. She was sleeping in the clinic on a thick mattress on the floor with a cover. It was like a bed. Every day they worked with her. Quite soon she started to lift her head and she started to walk! Slowly but walked. She walked freely in the clinic and she has become a part of surroundings there. When the vet "gave her the clearance" she went to a friend's house. (The staff of the clinic was actually very sad to see her leave but she needed to move on) There she is, the friend goes for long walks with her and feeds her with home cooked food. She is getting better and better. Look at our webpage and compare the two movies that are there to see the progress she has made:

Now she needs a permanent home - someone that would care for her and appreciate her will to survive.

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