Updates on cases presented recently in this blog

Been long time.... I have to make some updates on cases mentioned in this blog.
- Nina (18/3) - she is still with us or rather with the temporary family that takes care of her. She walks, she runs, she has an energy and will to live! But she needs a permanent home. We are still looking.
- Astrid (18/3) - the operation on her leg was not successful. It was an old story and there was a nerve there, the ver could not operate, it was too risky: she could have ended paralysed on this leg. So she is going to limp forever. But it is only a bit. She runs, it does not ache her. And .... someone gave her a new home! A womderful man that did not care that she was limping.
- Faustina (18/3) - the heart worms were treated, she still needs to be sterilised but afterwards... she might also be going to a new home! A family that already adopted 2 dogs from us.
- Orlando (18/3) - you would not recognise him! All his fur grew back! He is beautiful. Well, it required visits to the vet for a special bath every 3 days. But he is great now. And very sweet, very friendly. We are looking for a new home for him....
- Bolacha (6/2) - Bolacha found a new home!
- Alzira (13/1) - still with us, still under treatment... Her fur frew back but the eyes are still being treated. She can see already, before she could not see at all. One vet told us she would stay blind. The other said he would treat her. And now she can see.
- Tita (13/1) - little Tita was treated and found a new home!
- Pipoca dog and 8 puppies (4/1) all puppies found new homes but Pipoca is still with us, waiting for someone to give her a home....
- Pipoca cat (4/1) - she was treated. It was a long treatment but both legs were saved, she can walk now and ... she found a new home!
- Tucha the old poodle (3/1) - also found a new home!
- Lady (3/1) - you are nto going to believe that... She was operated, she recovered very well and ... she is soon going to a new home!
- Margarida collie (2/1) - also adopted
- Pantufa (2/1) - also adopted
- Karl (15/12/2008) - still being treated, he was operated on both legs and he is still recoverning at the vet. Then looking for a new home.
- Clara and 3 puppies (10/11/2008) - all puppies were adopted but Clara is still with us waiting for a new home....
- Rosalina (10/11/2008) - adopted!
- Leninha (7/11/2008) - not adopted but staying with a temporary family that loves her very much.

So lots of good news. But in the meantime we had more dogs entering. Many urgent cases, see on our webpage like Silverio, Motard, Rex, Tolas... Many other dogs (around 50 in January, around 30 in February, same in March). This months has been a disaster with puppies - 4 litters entered. We have around 40 puppies at the moment and are in real hurry to find homes for them...

These are our updates.

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