Casimiro - a beautiful and gentle samoyed ADOPTED

Casimiro was found a few month ago on the national road walking, or rather limping. He was in a desperate state. He was dirty, his whole body was full of little wounds alreday infected and he was covered with ticks. Immediately he was taken to the vet and then to be shaved.

Casimiro does not bent his front left leg. It seems that the leg was broken sometime ago and it grew badly (obviosuly noone took care of him) and as a result he cannot bend it.

When his fur grows back, you will be able to see that he is a beautiful dog. And a defect with a leg is a detail. He can walk, he is not in pain and if the new owner loves his dog, he will not care.

He had blood tests done and the leishmaniasis test came negative. He only has a tick fever which is being treated now. This is why Casimiro is available for adoption. He is a gentle dog that must have had a sad past and he needs a good home for once.

The last moment news: Casimiro will have a home! He can go to his new home in August.

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