Special adoptions: Diana (died...)

Diana is a beautiful husky girl that was found abandoned around 2 years ago. She is incontinent (incontinence - involuntary urination). This is how she was found - already sterilised and incontinent. Something must have gone wrong with the sterilisation and this is why she ended up incontinent. And this is probably why she was abandoned. Since then, and because of that defect, noone wants to adopt her.
Her present life conditions are not the best - she lives in a kennel with two other dogs. The kennel is humid and also does not offer the best hygienic conditions for an incontinent dog. But those are the conditions we can offer.
She is a very gentle girl, sweet with people and social with other dogs. And she could still have a happy life - she could be adopted by someone who has a garden and live in the garden. A family that would care for her and offer her good and hygienic conditions. We really hope for that.

May 2010: Diana died of tumor.

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