DONATION of 0,50% of your income tax

Your income tax can help Bianca. With no cost for you.
When you fill your tax declaration of 2011 you can direct 0,50% of your income tax to help our animals. The taxes we pay are destinated to finance public expenses. However, excepcionally, according to the Law no 16 of 22nd of June 2001 the taxpayer can, without an additional cost, direct 0,50% of his income tax in favour of non-profit organisms of social and humanitarian and legal persons of public utility.
Bianca, according to the Decree no 10298/2010 published in Diário da República (the Journal of the Republic) 2nd Series, no. 118 of 21st of June 2010was awarded the status of public utility.
This is why we are asking you to choose to direct 0,50% of your income tax to Bianca whose animals need help so much.

To do this, you have to do the following:

when you fill in your tax declaration (on paper or online) you should go to Square 9 of Annex 8, Benefícios Fiscais e Deduções (Fiscal Benefits and Deductions) and out a cross on “Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social ou Pessoas Colectivas de Utilidade Pública” (Private Institutions of Social Solidarity and Legal Persons of Public Utility) and write Bianca tax number, NIPC (Número de Identificação de Pessoa Colectiva) 506 068 196.
After receiving the taxes the State sends the amount that the taxpayers donated to the chosen institution. So the amount you donate in 2011 from your tax on the income of 2010 will be received by the Institution in 2011.
Your support is vital for our difficult mission. Choose to help us. We rescue hundreds of animals per year and they will be grateful to you.

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