Help for Babe

This lovely cocker spaniel was found on the road near our shelter at nightfall on the 25th of February walking alone. Obviously abandoned there.
He had a tumor on his lip that was enormous and smelled terribly, probably that has grown many months.
On the next day he was shaved with extreme patience and then taken to the vet to have the tumor removed. The operation was successful and since then he has recovered nicely. He also had light ear infection which was cured with two weeks of ear drops. But there is still one thing left.... He has cataracts on both eyes which are progressing and even if he can still see now, he will become blind in the future. Both eyes can be operated and the cataracts removed and he will see fine. Each eye costs 550 €. We would like to have at least one eye operated - one good eye will already ensure him a minimum quality of life.
This is why we are appealing for your donations.
Help us - every small donation counts. You can send your donations (referenced as "Babe") to our bank account:
NIB 0035 0771 00016360530 29
IBAN PT50003507710001636053029
He is a lovely dog, he loves people, he always wants to be touched and petted, he always waves his tail when spoken to. He gets along very well with other dogs, males and females. He is estimated to be 7 years old. He can still live for many years and have a good life in a home. To experience love and care that he might have never had. We need to give him a chance. Help us to help him.


After the operation, when his tumour was operated:

Day after he was found, with a tumour:

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