The story of Junior

Junior came on the website of Mirbessa.
The first time when I saw his picture on the website I liked him already.
And thought that he would surely get a nice home to stay.
My daughter thought of the idea of taking him in house till he would be adopted.
And so she got Junior in February 2011.
That weekend we also came to her house to see him how he was is real.
He was such a cutie and so nice to people and other dogs and so I liked him even more.
Also my husband liked him the first time he saw him.
And some times he made remarks from: he most not be that long at you're home or you're mom will adopt him.
On Sunday march the 6th we had to make a very difficult decision.
Our own dog Spikey was so sick we had to let him go to sleep.
That was not easy to make that decision but it was the best one for Spikey.
So we let him go.
After this heartbreak decision we went home with our daughter and also the dogs from her felt something had happened and also Junior was happy to see us and gave us a warm welcome again.
At that moment we decided to adopt him.
We could not take him the same day home with us that was not easy for us because of letting Spikey go that day.
So in the next week he came to us.
He felt home that moment and also our other 2 dogs Ruca and Skippy wore glad to have another dog to play with.
We also wore glad to have him in our home.
We will never forget Spikey, but Junior makes it a little easier to fill up that empty spot.

We want to thank Bianca for getting Junior of the streets and Mirbessa for also giving him a second change and brought him to The Netherlands.
Kindly Regards
Jan and Annie Smit
Ruca, Skippy and Junior

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