More puppies

As if it was not enough, 8 puppies found in a big near the garbage bin and 11 puppies abandoned at the shelter in a closed plastic box, now we have 10 more puppies!
Saturday evening someone called that there was a dog hit by car on the road. we asked our vet to go there but when she arrived the dog was dead already. Two days laters someone was passing nearby and heard crying in the bushes. There were 10 puppies, two days without eating and drinking, only 3 weeks old. This is how we ended up having 10 more puppies for adoption.

The puppies still need to be fed with milk but slowly they are getting used to dog food, we hope they will all survive and soon they will be available for adoption.

This pictures are sad and tragic but this is a reality we have to fight against. Not looking at the pictures, closing your eyes does not mean these things won't happen. On the contrary, they will continue to happen and we need people to have their eyes wide open and try to help.

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