Santiago Rafael

Santiago Rafael (he was doubly baptised) was abandoned in Bianca, in a box, on 4 June.
It was painful to see his condition, very painful...
He had a stubble in each eye!!!!
He had several awns in both ears, they were very deep inside the ears.
He had several awns buried in the flesh around the genitals and dozens of awns buried in all its skinny body.
He had dozens of huge ticks... He vomited what he ate, with live worms!!!!!!!
It was removed from the anus, a stone with 2.5 cm diameter with several pieces of bones, and this stone was blocking the anus!
His body weight is 1/4 of what should weigh!!!! He ate stones... poor baby!
There are no words to describe such suffering and pain...
Santiago Rafael has the hip broken in several places, the head of the femur dislocated! It is an amalgam of loose bones ... the worst this isn't recent. He will be seen by an orthopaedic expert.
Lets pray for this poor boy
See the videos:

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