Santiago Rafael - update

July 2, 2015Santiago is getting weight and is recovering very well. Next week will go to the vet and hopefully we will have good news!

12 junho 2015Today Santiago went to the vet, orthopedic vet and made news rx, which reveled a very scary situation of his pelvic area. The vet was truly surprised! Aparentelly Santiago suffered a severe impact on his pelvic area from up to down and broke his hips in halfand now this broken hip is on a lower position. Plus his femur is pressing this intestines provoking some difficulties in defecate.
Surely he will be submited to surgery, but only after the gain some weight. For now he needs to eat, and a lot.
The surgery will be made in two parts, one to each side of his pelvis.
Santiago is very pick about food. So we have been cooking for him. However he enjoys mostly roasted chicken.
For those who want to help Santiago, please bring to our shelter food.

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